Rachio adds new controller to lineup

The Pro 6 Zone Controller caters to customers with smaller yards or landscapes.

Rachio has introduced the 6 Zone controller to their Rachio Pro lineup.

The new addition is designed to cater to customers with smaller yards and offers a lower cost entry point for both professional installers and their customers. Rachio Pro 6 Zone Controller is most ideal for homeowners with smaller lawns and yards who want to experience the benefits of a smart sprinkler system. The Rachio Pro controller is also available in 8 and 16 zone units, with optional outdoor weather enclosures for outside installations.

The new controller has all the features and benefits of Rachio's larger controllers but is designed to manage up to six zones. The 6 Zone model is exclusive to the Rachio Pro Series and not available in the consumer lineup.

"Adding a 6 zone controller to the Rachio Pro lineup is a game-changer for our customers. We want to provide a smart sprinkler system that is accessible to everyone, and the new 6 zone controller is an excellent solution for those with smaller lawns," says Rachio CEO Kim Sentovich.

The Rachio Pro 6 Zone Controller is easy to install and integrates with smart home platforms like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit. It also provides personalized schedules based on weather data, soil type, and yard conditions.

The new Rachio Pro 6 Zone Controller is now available for purchase at irrigation distributors nationwide.