Remove risk from your mix

Take charge with broadleaf weed and sedge control in one solution.

Controlling weeds in warm-season lawns doesn’t need to be complicated. Various types of weeds including sedges and tough-to-control broadleaf weeds cause problems for lawn care operations, resulting in poor turf quality and customer callbacks.

At Envu, we recognize the need for a simple and safe all-in-one solution to tackle problematic weeds. This is why Celsius® XTRA herbicide has become a staple in many warm-season herbicide programs. While other products have a limited spectrum of control, Celsius XTRA herbicide is labeled for more than 100 weed species including 13 sedges. This level of control has been achieved with a proprietary blend of three different active ingredients. More importantly, Celsius XTRA herbicide eliminates tank-mixing, additional product measuring, and other unnecessary hassles that can harm lawns and your operation.

Celsius XTRA herbicide offers excellent turf safety on all major warm-season species, including sensitive varieties like St. Augustinegrass and centipedegrass, and provides just the right mix of more control, less risk and greater peace of mind.

Come learn more about the strengths of Celsius XTRA herbicide.


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