Technology Conference

Our Technology Conference
is in the books!

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Our 2021 show began with a keynote from speaker Crystal Washington, who told attendees to avoid being controlled by technology.

Instead, we should be "cyborgs," using technology to our advantage while adapting to some of its inevitable takeover. READ MORE.



GOING FULLY DIGITAL: While Loren McIrvin’s company, Allied Landscape, is making the most out of technology, he admits it’s a difficult process. READ MORE

A CASE FOR SOCIAL: Clark Quick, digital marketing strategist with Lawn & Landscape, gave attendees an inside look at the how to better utilize social media for digital advertising. READ MORE

USING DRONES: Eric Blevins detailed how to utilize drones to enhance a landscaping business. READ MORE

FINDING THE RIGHT FIT: With so much technology out there, how do you figure out what works for a specific need? READ MORE

Didn't make it to the 2020 show?

No worries. We've got event recaps here.

CYBERSECURITY: Neal O’Farrell from Ethicause didn’t go to the Lawn & Landscape Technology Conference to talk about landscaping. In fact, he told attendees during his session Friday morning that he wasn’t even there to be nice.

“I am not the good news bearer. I am not a motivational speaker." CLICK HERE to read about his session on cybersecurity.

RECRUITMENT: With a shortage of labor and help wanted signs on every corner, Josh Willey, senior vice president of operations with Green Lawn Fertilizing/Green Pest Solutions, says the way we recruit and retain labor has to shift. CLICK HERE to read the full story.

APPEALING TO MILLENNIALS: Millennials are not lazy.

Dani Collinson should know – she is one. At the Lawn & Landscape Technology Conference, she told attendees that they’ve got to change their perspective on younger employees. As companies recruit the future of the industry – and try to retain them – they must address their mindsets and adjust their strategies to help grow their business. CLICK HERE to read the full story. 

IMPLEMENTING TECHNOLOGY: You know technology makes your business more efficient and is generally beneficial for your company. Now what? CLICK HERE to read the full story. 

EDUCATING THE OLD SCHOOL: Getting employees who are set in their ways to embrace technology is difficult. Here's how Leslie Allebach did it. CLICK HERE to read the full story.

COMMITTING TO THE LONG-TERM: Less people are getting married and staying together long-term, but commitment problems in relationships are not just specific to marriage – the issues apply to how we use technology, too. CLICK HERE to read the full story. 

HOW WE VIEW TECH: Many see technology as a risk rather than a benefit because of several influences ingrained in our culture. CLICK HERE to read the full story.