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Lawn & Landscape's 2018 Top 100 list
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Our May 2018 issue featured stories on some of the top companies on this year's list:

Market share
This past year saw significant M&A activity from some of the top-grossing companies across the country. But with a recession on the horizon, there may be an end in sight.

Tech success
Caretaker Landscape and Tree Management has seen steadfast growth and has worked to implement systems and technology that measure up to its growing company.

Productive profit sharing
Landscape Workshop ties incentives in with a profit-sharing program to increase productivity and create a transparent company.

Budgeting restructure aids with growth
Southern Botanical’s switch to branch-based budgets is helping the company hone in on gross margin.

Proud to be green
It’s more than a bumper sticker – it’s a conversation starter that gives professional landscapers an ‘in’ to talk about their good work.

New to the list

Companies making their debut to the list share their best practices for growth.


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