Biodac Dust Free Granular Carrier

Biodac Dust Free Granular Carrier

April 12, 2021


Commercial granular formulations and applications with Biodac 4/10 include: aquatic herbicides; mosquito and insect control products; specialty crop, fruit, and vegetable control products; ornamental and horticultural products; biostimulant, biopesticide, organic, natural, biological and bionutritional granular control products

• Dust free

• pH neutral, requiring little or no release agents

• Compatible with organic, natural, and biological active ingredients

• Particle size and distribution provides excellent ballistics for accurate application of material
• Compatible with most industry applications
• Works with most established crop and turf Al’s
• FIFRA Inert per 40CFR 180.950, listed with U.S. EPA as “Paper” and not regulated under California Proposition 65
• OMRI listed