Carta measuring and mapping tool

Carta measuring and mapping tool

July 21, 2020

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As landscape architects begin the planning stages of new projects, Carta by Plott (SRP $199) is a real-time digital mapping and measuring wheel able to complete an entire set of measuring and mapping tasks simultaneously with one click of a button.

Carta’s measuring wheeling form factor is coupled with Plott’s award-winning AR technology.

  • Carta makes outdoor project mapping easy by measuring and mapping any path you walk in real-time, and sending directly to a mobile device through the LetsPlott app. Collaborators can receive all information immediately.
  • Whether it’s the entire perimeter of a landscape project, building, driveway, yard or any space, the LetsPlott platform will automatically calculate any dimensions instantly using the data captured by Carta. 
  • Use photos from your mobile device, or overhead satellite images to capture real-world surroundings to assist in mapping and planning any projects.
  • Annotate projects in real-time using photos, videos or text to create digital notes that can be referenced at a later date.