EZ-Tilt trailers

EZ-Tilt trailers

July 12, 2021

Felling Trailers


Felling Trailers releases an enhanced fender design for their ground-level loading, EZ-Tilt trailers.

Key Design Features:

  • Sleek Profile - The fenders’ lid/top is attached to the fender body using a series of hinges, concealed and protected inside the fender.
  • Dual Spring Action - Each fender is equipped with two springs (one front and one rear) which hold the lid/top closed while the trailer is in the transport position and during transit. Additionally, these springs aid in closing the fender when returning the trailer to the transport position.
  • Rubber Bumpers - The lid/top of the fender rests on shock-absorbing rubber bumpers that cushion the lid/top and reduce vibration during transit.