Grigg Brothers Displace 12% Calcium

Grigg Brothers Displace 12% Calcium

January 7, 2013

Grigg Brothers
Irrigation Moisture Management

Grigg Brothers Introduces Displace 12% Calcium, a new calcium soil specialty product formulated with a unique wetting agent technology. The specially formulated soil surfactant will enhance product infiltration and facilitate uniform placement of calcium throughout the soil profile for optimal efficacy.

Displace contains 12% Calcium that will remain in solution and react directly with the soil to displace sodium ions.   “Combining a high quality calcium product with the proprietary wetting agent for a dual purpose product represents the best of both technologies” says Grigg Brothers President Mark Grigg, “Displace will be another trusted soil specialty product in our product line with proven results.”

Grigg Brothers Displace is backed by independent University testing that shows it can improve turf performance and quality by reducing high bicarbonate accumulation from poor irrigation water. Displace is also specially designed to improve hydrophobic soil conditions and localized dry spots.

Displace has the ability to improve soil structure for better root growth, nutrient uptake, water infiltration, soil oxygenation and overall turf vigor. Displace is a convenient and easy to use formulation which will provide proven effective results.