Hilltip SweepAway Rotary Broom

Hilltip SweepAway Rotary Broom

October 5, 2022

Hilltip Ice Sriker


Hilltip introduces its SweepAway™ rotary brooms for use on pickups, tractors and other equipment.

  • Available in 59- to 86-inch widths, the attachments feature a 20-inch-diameter brush for high performance in a variety of applications.
  • The SweepAway rotary brooms mount on pickups using Hilltip’s Quick Hitch mounting frame. They can also be used on tractors with the company’s STR and VTR mounting frames.
  • The brooms require a hydraulic system with a minimum flow of 11 gallons per minute. If the vehicle does not meet the hydraulic system requirements, then a Hilltip Power Unit can be added.
  • A variety of other options and accessories are available for the SweepAway rotary brooms, including a deflector, a sprinkler kit with a 132-gallon tank, and an electrical oil-flow valve.