Lawnmower Hi-Hitch

Lawnmower Hi-Hitch

October 29, 2020

Lawn Pro

Riding Lawnmowers have the power and the low center of gravity to be natural towing machines.  With the Hi-Hitch’s dual attachment points—one for a trailer hitch ball and one for a hitch pin---a regular riding mower can be transformed into one of the handiest tools ever for pulling small trailers. 

  • The Hi-Hitch adds 12” of height to the lawnmowers tongue.
  • The LNHH650 is braced and positioned perfectly at just the right height to keep trailers level and well-balanced. 
  • With super-strong aircraft aluminum construction, the Hi-Hitch provides a lot of “horsepower” with very little weight added to the machine. Its weight capacity is whatever the lawnmower’s stated tongue capacity is.
  •  Installs in easily and accepts all conventional trailer-hitch balls with ¾” shank or smaller (trailer hitch ball not included).
  • The Hi-Hitch mounts to most conventional riding lawnmowers with a minimum of drilling or modifications. Brackets mount 12” - 14” wide.

Made in the USA!