Leonard Full Strap Diamond Point Spade

Leonard Full Strap Diamond Point Spade

June 12, 2017

A.M. Leonard


In 2011 A.M. Leonard brought back the full strap nursery spade - the tool the industry was built on. This spade has all of the features that made that full strap spade unique, but with an added diamond point head. This diamond shape allows you to dig, cut roots and install edging with a lot less effort.

The Leonard full strap diamond point spade retains many of the features of our full strap nursery spade including:

Stronger D-grip and top strap connection - a single directional rivet holds top strap and metal D-grip, eliminating a side D-grip rivet from the previous model. Fewer holes and rivets at this connection improve the overall strength of the tool.

Increased turn step size - not so large that it interferes with the job, but a moderate increase in size that alleviates foot strain. This also allows the tool to accommodate a footpad.

Increased bevel of cutting edge - no need to sharpen blade prior to use. A.M. Leonard added the best angle to offer the sharpest cutting edge, while still maintaining durability

Made in the USA.