42-inch Stander Intensity mower

42-inch Stander Intensity mower

March 9, 2018

Wright Mfg.

Mowers Standing Mower

Wright Manufacturing responded to customer demand and added a 42-inch deck model to its Stander Intensity (Stander I) series of mowers.

• The 42-inch floating AERO CORE deck tilts side-to-side and front-to-back, allowing the mower deck to better follow terrain contours.

• Recessed caster wheels reduce the turning radius – this feature along with its compact footprint and improved handling allow operators to trim as they mow.

• The compact size enables more mowers to fit on a trailer.

• The floating stand-on platform absorbs rough terrain through elastopolymer bumpers that provide a dampened feel, and the wide stance provides better control.

For more information, visit www.wrightmfg.com.