Case DV Series Double Drum Compactors

Case DV Series Double Drum Compactors

April 15, 2011

Case Construction
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Case Construction Equipment introduced three new DV Series double drum, large asphalt compactors that provide versatility for all types of production asphalt paving applications.

Case DV Series compactors deliver dual amplitudes, dual frequencies and centrifugal forces to meet the needs of any paving application, from coarse bases to hot-mix asphalt surfaces. Independent drum vibration control, combined with two operating frequencies, provides the best possible compaction productivity. Hydrostatic drive is standard for all DV Series models.

The new Case DV207, DV210 and DV213 asphalt compactors meet the requirements of a wide range of asphalt projects with drum widths of 57 in (1450 mm), 66 in (1700 mm) and 83 in (2100 mm), respectively, and operating weights up to 28,725 lb (13,030 kg).
The Case Dual Drum Drive System—standard on the new DV Series machines—provides independent pumps for each drum. The pumps deliver 100-percent traction efficiency and eliminate slippage on the compacted surface. Plus, automatic vibration control ensures smooth starting and stopping, reducing damage to the asphalt mat. The Case vibratory system automatically starts when the drive lever is moved from neutral and stops when the lever is returned to neutral.

The combination of fuel-efficient Cummins diesel engines and 55-gallon (208 l) fuel tanks keeps the Case DV Series compactors on the job for up to 20 hours of non-stop production. Powerful front- and rear-facing halogen lights illuminate the jobsite for continued nighttime productivity. All three models feature large capacity, corrosion-free, water tanks with multi-stage filtration systems. The articulated frame delivers a tight turning radius for working in confined areas.

These three new models add to the current Case line of DV201, DV202 and DV204 double drum compactors.
•    The DV213 model has a drum width of 83 in (2100 mm), an operating weight of 28,726 lb (13 030 kg) and a rated horsepower of 130 (97 kW).
•    The DV210 has a drum width of 67 in (1700 mm), an operating weight of 22,928 lb (10 400 kg) and is rated at 99 hp (74 kW).
•    The DV207 has a drum width of 57 in (1450 mm), an operating weight of 16,226 lb (7360 kg) and a power rating of 80 hp (60 kW).