Edge Heavy-Duty High Reach Clipper

Edge Heavy-Duty High Reach Clipper

June 17, 2014

CE Attachments

Skid-steers/construction Attachments

The EDGE Heavy-Duty High-Reach Clipper is a more rugged-built clipper than the Standard-Duty model also offered.  Designed for commercial and rental use with its wireless remote, this High-Reach Clipper is made of 5/8-inch high strength steel for maximum durability in the toughest conditions.

The powerful rotator is hard-wearing and built stronger with several extra gussets, and features 110 degree rotation for greater maneuverability and clipping at various angles.
The mount is also more robust featuring two extra stabilizer bars for a total of five, rendering more stability and control during operation.

A wireless remote control allows the operator to activate the solenoid valve for rotation, without the complication of wires getting tangled in the brush. It features a Velcro strap for securing in a convenient location.

The receiver, along with a sealed 12-volt battery and charger, are secured to the unit inside of a protective steel storage box. This handy feature now allows for quick and easy transfer of the EDGE Heavy-Duty High Reach Clipper from one piece of equipment to another, without the hassle of a wiring harness.