Pitbull 2300

Pitbull 2300

July 7, 2014

Lake Erie Portable Screeners


Lake Erie Portable Screeners manufactures the Pitbull 2300 with high-quality, structural tube steel, which reduces noise and vibration and minimizes the risk of structural failure common in C-channel frames. With its power-assisted hydraulic axle and park jack that users can operate from the control panel, the Pitbull 2300 is also easy to transport. “Within five minutes, we can pick it up and move to a different location, hit all the grease fittings, set up and be ready to go. That’s a huge benefit for the rental industry,” Bob Varin, owner of Supply Wagon Rentals said. “The Pitbull 2300 takes less than 30 minutes to set up, while competitor units I’ve used can take more than four hours.”

The Pitbull 2300’s upper and lower screening decks feature versatile screens that can be changed in less than 30 minutes and enable users to process up to three sizes of material. Users can screen a variety of materials, including topsoil, gravel and mulch, which helps increase profitability and return on investment. In addition, they can repurpose material instead of having to purchase new quality material.

Lake Erie Portable Screeners often offers free demonstrations of its Pitbull 2300. In addition to seeing how the unit operates, attendees learn how easy and inexpensive it is to maintain.