Horizon Technology

Horizon Technology

October 29, 2014



BLOOMINGTON, Minn. – For contractors looking to increase their fuel savings without sacrificing performance, The Toro Company offers new Horizon Technology.  This onboard intelligence platform allows operators to choose from three operating modes to maximize fuel efficiency in different mowing conditions. The technology was featured in the Toro booth at GIE+EXPO in Louisville, Ky., Oct. 23-24, 2014.

Toro’s Horizon Technology allows communication between key systems on the machine to enhance performance in a wide range of mowing conditions. Using a simple three-position rocker switch, the operator can choose from three defined performance modes. “Max” mode delivers maximum power for the most demanding conditions. “Economy” mode provides excellent performance in normal conditions, while reducing fuel consumption, emissions, noise and machine wear. And “Low” mode helps reduce deck packing and discharge clumping when cutting in wet conditions.

“With today’s higher fuel costs and even more pressure to deliver productivity, contractors need a choice,” says Chris Hannan, marketing manager for The Toro Company. “Horizon Technology puts the operator in control to choose the best performance for the conditions and save fuel. It’s the perfect balance of power and performance.”

The Horizon platform also monitors engine oil temperature and oil pressure. If the mower is not performing properly, indicator lights will alert the operator that there are critical system issues and the mower will go into “safe mode” to reduce the risk of damaging the machine.

Horizon Technology is available on two Z Master Professional 6000 EFI models. These models combine Kohler 34 hp Command Pro EFI engines with an electronic governor, which helps maintain consistent blade tip speed and reduces governor droop. Electronic fuel injection also helps increase fuel efficiency compared to carbureted models.

Toro Z Master Professional 6000 mowers come standard with the exclusive TURBO FORCE cutting deck in 60” and 72” widths. Featuring durable 7-gauge steel, robust cast iron spindle housings, and high-strength steel blades, these machines can achieve outstanding results at higher ground speeds.

For more information about Toro Horizon technology, contact your Toro Landscape Contractor Equipment dealer, call Toro at 1-800-348-2424, visit www.toro.com/zmasterhorizon or send an e-mail to LCEproducts@toro.com.