Leonard 4-Wheel Hose Wagon

Leonard 4-Wheel Hose Wagon

March 11, 2019

A.M. Leonard

General Accessories Hoses
These wagons feature a sturdy 13-gauge powder-coated steel frame. They hold up to 300 feet of 5/8-inch hose and connect to your faucet via an extra-long 8-foot inlet hose. A swivel crank handle makes it easy to wind and unwind your desired length of hose.

The Leonard 4-Wheel Hose Wagon is outfitted with brass and galvanized plumbing. It also features galvanized metal rims, a wire basket and a built-in nozzle hanging notch. Choose from either pneumatic or flat-free tires below.

A 300-foot hose is heavy. Let the Leonard 4-Wheel Hose Wagon carry the weight! The convenient wire basket holds any watering accessories to keep your hands free to water. When you need to take a break, the built-in nozzle hanging notch keeps your hose within reach.

The powder-coated steel frame and the brass and galvanized plumbing resist rust and corrosion. These features maximize the service life of the wagon. A.M. Leonard backs this with their lifetime warranty!

Some assembly required.