Paver PreTreat

Paver PreTreat

March 29, 2018

Black Diamond Coatings
Hardscape Pavers

Paver PreTreat is designed as a basecoat for the Black Diamond Coatings’ PRO TECH SERIES SG+, LG+ andNG+ sealers.  It is designed for use by professional contractors. Paver PreTreat is chemically formulated with advanced nanotechnology to be applied as a base coat for porous concrete pavers when a color-enhancing sealer will be used. The use of Paver PreTreat as a base coat eliminates the need for multiple coats of the SG+, LG+ and the NG+ color-enhancing sealers on porous concrete pavers.

  • Color-enhancing, densifier / base coat (“primer” for pavers)
  • Formula uses advanced nanotechnology to close off pores of porous concrete paver surfaces for most efficient application of SG+, LG+ or NG+ to be applied on top
  • Low VOCs to exceed all federal, state and local standards
  • Bio-Based formula
  • FDA approved for food processing facilities
  • One-part for no waste in application

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