Hose Strain Relief Kit

Hose Strain Relief Kit

August 17, 2015



The Coxreels Hose Strain Relief Kit protects the hose fittings and connections from potential damage by providing strain relief when the hose is fully extended on the reel. Under use, the clamp takes on the force from the over-extended hose and protects the hose fittings and connections at the riser from excessive tension. With the mounted strain relief kit, the hose remains secured against the drum, allowing the hose to be routed between the riser connection and the clamp with a proper bend radius. Additionally, with the hose routed and secured with a proper bend radius, the opportunity to deform the hose at the connection point is minimized.

This accessory is available for hand crank and motorized reels with hose sizes between ½” and 1-½” hose I.D. The drums found on Coxreels hand crank and motorized hose reels now feature mounting slots to fit our hose strain relief kit. All existing hand crank and motorized hose reels in the field can also be modified to accommodate this kit.
Coxreels has remained steadfast and focused on manufacturing high quality professional grade hose, cord and cable reels since 1923. Offering a full product line serving the industry in every channel and application, Coxreels takes great pride in designing, building and supporting all of their products right here in the U.S.A.
For further information on the Coxreels hose strain relief kit and product line, contact Customer Service at (800) 269-7335 or visit www.coxreels.com.