Sno-Pro Fast-Cast 550E

Sno-Pro Fast-Cast 550E

January 31, 2011

Curtis Industries
Ice Spreaders Snow & Ice Management

Curtis Industries has introduced the Sno-Pro Fast-Cast 550E, an electric drive, aluminum 1/3-yard spreader for efficient, reliable snow and ice control that is quiet and environmentally friendly.

The new electric V-box spreader is lightweight, featuring a stainless steel carriage and an aluminum hopper that won’t rust and is unaffected by continued use of salt and sand. In addition, the new Fast Cast 550E spreader features a quiet, durable 12V 1/3 HP electric motor that draws less than 20 Amps, replacing a gas engine. This eliminates fuel costs as well as is serves as a “green” alternative.  It also eliminates the need for a noisy vibrator motor, allowing operators to work both day and night without disturbing customers or neighbors.

The Sno-Pro Fast-Cast 550E features a 500 pound capacity, wear resistant bolt-on 304 stainless floor, rugged belt over chain conveyor system, adjustable conveyor take-up bearings, spinner and conveyor control. The spreading range is from 1’ to 24’, ideal for small to medium accounts.  It also offers adjustable material deflectors and an in-cab control panel. Options include a weather cover and a top screen.