Fiori large capacity dumper

Fiori large capacity dumper

November 7, 2017

Dominion Equipment Parts LLC
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Dominion Equipment Parts offers two larger Fiori capacity models: the Fiori D70 SW and D100 SW dumper trucks.

  • Tipper body and swivel bed with 180-degree, trilateral dumping ability are based on robust, straight framed carriers with four-wheel steering (4WS).
  • The truck design offers a speedy lightweight alternative to tracked carriers for jobs that make a wheeled off-road machine preferable.
  • The D70 SW and D100 SW have large load capacities of 7,000 kg (7.7 U.S. tons) and 10,000 kg (11 U.S. tons), respectively.
  • When empty, the D70 weighs 10,141 pounds. Operating weight of the D100 is 12,125 pounds. 

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