EGO commercial series

EGO commercial series

February 27, 2019


EGO's Commercial Series is a new line of battery-powered outdoor power equipment that is designed for  all-day run time with weatherproof construction and an enhanced recharging time.The new program features a commercial grade 15” String Trimmer; 600 CFM Blower and a 25-1/2-inch Hedge Trimmer. All tools are powered by the battery backpack and every EGO tool is backward compatible with the Power + line-up previously sold at Home Depot and Professional Outdoor Power Equipment Dealers

  • 1568WH (56-volts, 28Ah)
  • All Day Run Times – Up to 7 continuous hours
  • Fast Recharging – Just 3.5 hours from 0 to 100%
  • Quiet Operation – Measures around 80 Decibels during use
  • Heavy Duty Yet Lightweight – Blower weighs 20lbs., lighter than leading gas models
  • IPX56 Rating – Weatherproof construction for durability

Pricing is:

1568-Watt Hour Commercial Backpack Battery 1299.99

15” Commercial String Trimmer 399.99

25” Commercial Hedge Trimmer 399.99

595 CFM Commercial Blower 399.99

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