Fence Armor Patriotic Edition

Fence Armor Patriotic Edition

May 14, 2018

Fence Armor


Fence Armor announced the release of the new Fence Armor Patriotic Edition.

With the Patriotic Edition, users get the protection they need and a distinctive look with the American Flag.

Two individual models are available. One with the image of the American Flag and another which includes that image and the custom addition of your house number on either side of the post; made on-demand, at our Florida plant.

The Patriotic Edition, as with all our products, starts with an American 22-gauge galvanized steel base and is decorated using a specially formulated powder coating that lasts up to 20 years. It measures 16? in height and will
come in dimensional post sizes of 3.5?x3.5?, 4?x4?, 5?x5?, 5.5?x5.5? and 6?x6?. Sized to suit most mailbox posts. 

For more info visit Fencearmor.com