Fence Armor

Fence Armor

December 7, 2016

Fence Armor

Fence Armor is a new product that protects vinyl, ornamental and wood fences, not to mention other landscape structures, from the ravages of power grass and weed trimmers.

Fence Armor protects against damage caused by gas- and electric-powered yard-edge trimmers that spin hard nylon or steel cord at speeds between 7,500 and 11,000 RPM and can chew up wood fences, decks and rails, the manufacture and sales of which are expected to be an $11.8 billion industry by 2012, according to a report by Mindbranch.

Designed and manufactured in America, the product is manufactured from G90 galvanized steel and stamped with 55-ton press. Its design incorporates radial corners that are easy on a trimmer’s cutting line, so it won’t cause wea,r and at the same time aesthetically mimicking post contours. The reflective quality of the standard galvanized Fence Armor product makes it almost invisible as it reflects the grass around it. Fence Armor also comes in a variety of colors and textures to suit all fence types.

According to Fence Armor Inventor Al Martins & Luis Ruivo, Fence Armor not only protects wood landscape structures from power trimmers, saving replacement costs and inconvenience, it also is helping to protect natural resources.
“Fence Armor is designed to prolong the life of fences, sign posts, decks and other landscape structures, keeping our renewable forest industry even more sustainable,” said Martins. “The use of steel was also an important factor as it is the most recyclable material on earth.”

Fence Armor also is available in galvanized steel with powder-coated color options, such as white for picket fences, and comes in standard and custom sizes for all types of fences new or existing, for less than $5 per post.

For more information, visit www.fencearmor.com.