EZ Decoder System

EZ Decoder System

January 31, 2019

Hunter Industries

Irrigation Controllers Irrigation Control

EZ Decoder System (EZDS) is a two-wire system compatible with all the features of Hunters' HCC and ICC2 controllers, along with the respective Hydrawise and Centralus central control platforms. Plug in the EZ-DM two-wire output module to enable up to 54 stations of irrigation, plus a master valve, on a single pair of wires. Then place EZ Decoders at each valve.

  • EZ Decoders are small, waterproof, and come with color-coded wiring and an LED status light.
  • They do not require special wire or connectors to function.
  • The system can coexist with conventional output modules, allowing hybrid functionality of both direct-wired valves and decoder operations in the same controller.
  • Easy conversion of a conventionally wired system to two-wire using the existing wiring bundle.