March 13, 2019

Computer software & technology Design software

Visualize – Take the idea out of your head and put it in action: see how your project will look before it even starts.

Design – Draw from an extensive database of plants and hardscapes. Seamlessly blend physical and digital living spaces using augmented reality 3D or traditional 2D designs.

Share – Collaborate with your spouse, friend or landscape pro. Design together, real-time, in the same augmented reality world.

Buy – Take your design with you. iScape inventories all products you’ve selected to make purchasing smooth and easy. 

iScape brings the user’s vision to life through thousands of plants, hardscapes and outdoor living elements, virtually placed within the app. A sun-slider feature shows how shadows will fall over surfaces throughout the day, saving costly mistakes by planting in the wrong spot. Expanded ground surfaces include grass, mulch, gravel and more.

With a pro subscription, whip up a design, output a proposal, set pricing, modify descriptions and create a professional PDF with your quote and custom business information all within a single app.

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