B-Series augers

B-Series augers

November 2, 2017

John Deere

Skid-steers/construction Attachments

Expanding its lineup of Worksite Pro attachments, John Deere upgraded its auger models by releasing the PA15B and PA30B augers. John Deere’s B-Series augers are optimized to work with skid-steers, compact track loaders, compact excavators and compact four-wheel-drive loaders.

• The B-Series augers offer new motor and planetary designs for improved toughness and longer attachment life.

• The hydraulic motors have a higher-rated operating pressure for better raw digging power.

• An upgraded motor and planetary gearbox housing bring the planetary gear set closer to the motor, decreasing motor stress. A five-gear gearbox with an updated input shaft and shaft seal allow for increased durability.

• John Deere increased the maximum torque rating on the PA30B from 4,166 feet-pounds to 4,500 feet-pounds.

• The PA15B and PA30B models are compatible with a variety of auger bit styles and diameters, including standard 4- 6-inch, 9- to 12-inch rock and frost, and 18- to 36-inch tree and shrub.

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