Diesel Caddy FC-25DC

Diesel Caddy FC-25DC

February 5, 2019

John Dow


The Diesel Caddy (FC-25DC) features a 25-gallon capacity 14-gauge steel tank with heavy-duty 10” steel wheels, a fill level gauge and a wide footprint for stability.  The UL Listed heavy-duty cast iron rotary pump with carbon vanes and Viton seals offers a two-way operation for siphoning or dispensing diesel fuel. One gallon is delivered for every 12 revolutions on the pump handle. 

Other Diesel Caddy features and specifications include:

  • Fill level gauge
  • Fire-screened vent and filler neck
  • 8’ PVC suction/discharge hose with internal steel grounding wire
  • Tank ground wire and clamp
  • Decal set for contents identification
  • Two-way filter kit available
  • Dimensions:  21”W x 13”L x 46”H
  • Weight:   95 lbs.

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