MC33 and MAC mini-cultivators

MC33 and MAC mini-cultivators

November 14, 2018

Turf Seed and Equipment Aerators

Earthquake officially added two new models to its line of mini-cultivators at GIE+EXPO with its release of the MC33 and MAC machines.

The pair of new products joins the MC43 mini-cultivator, which has already been on the market. All three products can weed, mulch, work in fertilizer and aerate soil. The MAC is the lightest and most compact of the three, and its front bumper prevents the engine from striking fence posts or other obstacles. Meanwhile, the MC33 is slightly larger but comes with an adjustable wheelset like the MC43.

They’re powered by Viper 43cc and 33cc engines and offer advanced air filtration systems to protect those engines from dirt and dust damage. Earthquake touts its low center of gravity on its products to offer users more control and stability, particularly important as landscapers navigate around delicate plants.

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