300 gallon Space Saver Sprayer

300 gallon Space Saver Sprayer

February 16, 2018


Application Equipment Sprayers

The new 300 Gal. Space Saver Sprayer is available in three different models: general sprayer, medium height tree sprayer, and high-performance tree sprayer.

  • Features extra capacity for larger jobs and increased productivity. 
  • The general unit has three different pump options so that operators can integrate the unit more easily with their current fleet. 
  • Rittenhouse uses a Honda motor and Hannay hose reel as standard equipment for the sprayer. 
    • Note: the tree spraying models feature a Honda GX200QXE engine and a Hypro D503 pump.
  • The low-profile tank equals a lower center of gravity for a smoother ride. 

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