June 14, 2018

Snow Fighters Institute

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QuattroPlowHD is a larger version of SnowWolf’s QuattroPlow. The plow is an all-in-one hydraulic angle snow pusher, angle plow with wings, wide-angle plow with wings and back drag plow.

  • The QuattroPlowHD is available in 10- and 12-foot lengths. When the wings are fully extended on the 12-foot plow, it is 17 feet wide.
  • The attachment’s wings rotate 165 degrees to make it a high-capacity hydraulic snow pusher when they are all the way forward, and when they’re all the way back it serves as a straight or angle plow with wings or back drag plow with enhanced containment and down pressure.
  • SnowWolf has reduced the distance from the cutting edge to the back of the attachment on the QuattroPlowHD by over a foot for a tighter turn radius.

For more info visit snowwolfplows.com