Toro HoverPro Mower

Toro HoverPro Mower

November 19, 2018


The Toro HoverPro hover mower is now available to landscape contractors across North America. Previously only available in commercial golf and sports field segments through Toro distributors, the Toro HoverPro can now be purchased through authorized Toro equipment dealers as well.

The Toro HoverPro mower hovers above the surface of the turf during operation, allowing the machine to reach areas that traditional mowers and trimmers cannot. The HoverPro is ideal for specialty applications, such as maintaining turf on steep slopes, tight undulations or areas near water.

There are three models in the HoverPro series to tackle a wide variety of applications. These models include:

  • HoverPro 400, which features a 16-inch cutting width, a 25-degree operational angle and a nylon wire cutting system. The unit weighs 27.5 pounds.
  • HoverPro 450, featuring an 18-inch cutting width, a 45-degree operational angle and a steel cutting blade. This unit’s operational weight is 38.2 pounds.
  • HoverPro 550, which offers a 21-inch cutting width, a 45-degree operational angle and a steel cutting blade. The unit weighs 41.8 pounds.

The HoverPro can be equipped with a number of optional accessories including a Hi-Rise kit to increase the height of cut by 1.4 inches, transport wheels to maneuver the machine with less effort around the jobsite and extension handles to simplify the process of working on slopes.

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