Sentinel Central Control system

Sentinel Central Control system

September 21, 2017

Irrigation Irrigation Control

Scheduling and daily operations can be managed from a PC or iPhone and iPad using NSN Connect. The software provides ET-based watering programs that can generate water savings of up to 30 percent per year. Programming features descriptions, maps and help screens.

Communication between the software and the field controllers is customizable, as well. Radio, Wi-Fi, cellular and ethernet can be mixed and matched to meet individual system needs. Program data is stored both at the field controller and within the central computer; if a computer or master controller goes off line, there is no loss of irrigation. Field changes to controller programs can easily be uploaded to the computer.

Controllers are available with conventional 24VAC wiring, both AC and DC two-wire, and come in a variety of different enclosure options. Sentinel’s propriety “wireless output board” technology offers additional surge protection for the control module as well as the ability to easily expand the station count on a controller up to 204 stations, with a radio range of up to three thousand feet line-of-sight from the controller.