Infinity Knuckle

Infinity Knuckle

June 7, 2012

Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting

General Outdoor lighting

Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting introduces the Infinity Knuckle articulating mounting assembly for the 1096 Up & Accent fixtures. The mounting offers infinite adjustment capabilities, providing precise light placement.

The Infinity Knuckle mounting uses a fully sealed spherical grommet to prevent moisture penetration. The mounting works by passing the fixture wiring through the central hole in the knuckle mount stem to the supply connection splice point. When the supply connection is made, the light fixture is slipped over the knuckle mount stem and can be infinitely rotated to the precise position and locked into place with two screws.

When paired with Vista’s hot aiming feature, the Infinity Knuckle’s ability to give precise light placement is further enhanced. Hot aiming allows for accurate placement with 30 degrees of adjustment max candela from horizontal. Box enclosures for the hot aiming feature are also fully sealed to prevent moisture penetration.