Wright Stander ZK 72 Dual Wheel Mower

Wright Stander ZK 72 Dual Wheel Mower

June 6, 2019

Wright Mfg.

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Wright’s Stander ZK 72-inch mower with dual wheels is built to take on tough challenges facing lawn care professionals.

Dual wheels distribute the large-frame mower’s weight more evenly for greater stability, even on steep grades. This weight distribution also reduces ground pressure, which is safer on soft ground.

  • The dual wheel package has four 23x10.5 tires
  • The mower just needs the same amount of space on the trailer as the standard ZK 
  • Powered by the 37 HP Briggs & Stratton Vanguard EFI engine, it boasts a top speed of 12.5 MPH
  • A safety feature of all Wright Standers is the ability to  step off in case of emergency or to pick up debris, and the mower stops immediately when the operator steps off the platform

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