Velke hydro-powered walk-behind

Velke hydro-powered walk-behind

January 29, 2019

Wright Mfg.
Mowers Walk-behind mowers

Wright Manufacturing’s two newest Velke hydro-powered walk-behind mowers can be specified with either a fixed or floating cutting deck. The HC series is available with 32”, 36” and 48” decks. The larger LC series offers a choice of 52” and 61” decks.

The new Velkes’ lightweight and large tires are gentle on turf. The HC series is designed for mowing medium size properties and tight spaces. The larger LC models, with larger tires, reinforced frames and a wider stance, still offer a low impact on commercial properties.

Each model is balanced to mow on slopes and climb curbs. The intuitive controls are easy to squeeze, and they isolate vibration. The flat-free caster tires increase the mower’s maneuverability, even in tight spaces.

An integrated Velke sulky latch is provided on all models. The operator has a choice of walking or riding when a Velke sulky is attached, and the latch secures the sulky in a folded position when the operator chooses to walk.

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