Pro-Tech Savik Brand

Pro-Tech Savik Brand

June 19, 2013

Snow & Ice Management

Pro-Tech Manufacturing and Distribution, Inc. has completed a branding initiative resulting in two distinct brands being offered under the Pro-Tech umbrella: Sno Pusher and Savik. These separate brands will allow Pro-Tech to maximize its commitment to innovation and the advancement of the snow and ice industry.

The Sno Pusher product line encompasses the yellow containment plows Pro-Tech has been
manufacturing since 1993 – the first company to introduce these types of plows commercially.
The introduction of the Pro-Tech Sno Pusher helped to revolutionize the snow and ice industry
by drastically increasing the productivity of snow and ice professionals who typically were
limited to truck plows as their main resource for clearing large, commercial lots. The Sno Pusher brand is committed to offering high quality, durable products that are competitively priced and available.

The Savik product is a new, elite-level containment and multi-use plow. The Savik brand is a
direct result of our product development philosophy which includes partnerships with industry
experts, our ongoing quest to be a knowledge-driven organization, and our desire to advance
the industry. Savik products feature industry-first sensor technology, component optimization,
and customization that provide snow and ice professionals the ultimate in flexibility, efficiency, productivity and results. The first model to be released under the Savik brand will be the ERG.

“These brands represent Pro-Tech’s purpose,” said Craig Geller, president of Pro-Tech, “which is to deliver meaningful contributions to the snow and ice industry by way of innovation being a knowledge-driven organization. We hope and expect the industry to advance with our ongoing
product and service offerings.”