T-REX and Goat 22T mowers

T-REX and Goat 22T mowers

March 27, 2020



The T-REX and Goat 22T mowers are simple, reliable and easy to operate and maintain. They are operated by remote control greatly reducing the risk of injury to the operator. Both mowers have attachments available such as a hitch, snowplow, trimmer arms and AIMS. AIMS (Advance Intelligent Mobile System) is Evatech's proprietary autonomous package and has the ability to learn patterns.

Built by Evatech, a robotics company in Port Richey, Florida, these mowers are designed to protect the operator from injury and to improve productivity. These are especially resourceful while mowing dangerously steep slopes, along roadways, banks of ponds, rivers, steep ditches, storm drains, or any area where it would be difficult or dangerous for the operator to go to. 

The mowers are also eco-friendly and apply less pressure to the ground than the human foot reducing erosion to the soil.