July 15, 2021



The Horizon360 software streamlines profitability for landscape contractors in several ways, but specifically enables operations to:

  • Track crews: Horizon360 can track landscaping crews and monitor the progress of each task to ensure timely completion. Tracking devices are powered by 12-volt batteries and communicate directly with Horizon360 software once they're installed on a machine.¬†
  • Automate invoices: With the integration of QuickBooks online, users can sync employees, equipment and tasks with the software, saving hours when it comes to invoicing.
  • Schedule jobs: From irrigation to snow removal and lawn maintenance, Horizon360 converts estimations into customers and jobs as soon as the work is ready to schedule. The Horizon360 scheduling tool helps assign work to employees and balance schedules, and it can help manage rain days by simply reassigning and rescheduling the work.

The Horizon360 business software is available now. To learn more about Horizon360, visit Horizon360.toro.com.