T5000 Spreader/Sprayer

T5000 Spreader/Sprayer

January 20, 2021



Turfco’s new T5000 Spreader/Sprayer high-capacity riding applicator can help landscape professionals scale up their productivity.

  • The T5000 is a scaled-up version of Turfco’s mid-sized riding applicator, the T3100 Sprayer/Spreader.
  • The T5000 is built for larger properties, with its 60-gallon sprayer and 325-pound spreader capacity coupled with a 22-hp engine delivering speeds up to 7 mph.
  • The intuitive, steering wheel drive system provides stability on hills, eliminates turf-tearing and reduces training time. New operators can be trained and fully operational in less than a week.
  • The T5000’s two-nozzle boomless spray system delivers an effective spray width of 10 feet, increasing productivity up to 29% percent over existing units.