Werk-Brau Compact Excavator Rake

Werk-Brau Compact Excavator Rake

June 2, 2021



Werk-Brau is introducing a multi-tined rake attachment that can be customized with multiple tine options, widths and configurations available, to maximize efficiency and productivity on job-specific applications. 

  • Designed specifically for use with compact excavators, this grading/grapple rake features tine serrations along the complete underside of the rake to prevent material from slipping loose and to maintain gripping force. 
  • Wear-resistant steel throughout the weldment, and hardened, greaseable bushings utilized at all pivot points ensure a long service life even in harsh conditions. Each tine is supported by reinforcing plates, with gussets placed between tines for added strength and durability.
  • Werk-Brau Compact Excavator Rakes are ideal for gathering of demolition debris, sorting of materials, brush removal, soil scoring, root extraction and other land clearing/demolition tasks.