Techron: Powersports & Small Engine

June 28, 2019
  • Techron® Protection Plus Powersports & Small Engine Fuel System Treatment from Chevron is specially formulated to clean and protect smaller gas-powered engines, like those found in lawncare and landscaping power equipment 
  • It restores power and performance while optimizing fuel efficiency as it cleans fuel injectors, combustion chambers, throttle bodies and carburetors, while at the same time stabilizing fuel up to an impressive 24 months to deliver performance benefits with every fill up
  • The additive’s performance detergents minimize cold-start problems and deposit-related knock and ping by removing carbon deposits in the combustion chamber; dissolves and prevents intake-valve deposits for smoother idling and enhanced throttle response; and cleans and controls gum and varnish build-up in the fuel system
  • Test data has shown that Techron Powersports & Small Engine provides best-in-class corrosion protection, and is equipped to fight off the many harmful effects of ethanol-blended fuels, making it an ideal choice for power equipment operators looking to get the most from their machines, and is available for purchase at AutoZone stores nationwide, on, and Amazon

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The fuel system treatment formula is our Product of the Week.