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We all know that proper diet and exercise leads to greater health, yet the Center for Disease Control reports that about 610,000 people die every year from heart disease. That’s 25 percent of all deaths in the U.S. With gyms, fitness centers, clean water, fresh fruits and vegetables so readily available, why are fatalities so high?

Because good information gets lost in the execution. It’s easy to gather information to get physically healthy but executing on that data is difficult. Unfortunately, the same struggle applies to making our businesses healthy. We know we should leverage useful data and the latest technology to drive the future of work, but doing so requires us to stop gathering information and actually get an execution mindset. What’s your mindset? Take this quiz.

Just do it.

Do you pursue growth as a list of action items? If so, your DIY approach means you may be aware of a need, like energy efficient technologies for example, but you may not have a detailed working plan for digital leadership that can be easily implemented or a way to measure its impact on your future work. That’s a just-do-it mindset. You don’t have a fully executable plan that empowers your team to create the desired results.

Just buy it.

Do you get caught up in the hype and buy expensive software expecting magic to happen? This approach, “the more expensive the product, the more silver the bullet,” is doomed without a clearly defined digital strategy, process and a willing workforce to support it. The just-buy-it mindset tries to buy its way to future work, but money alone won’t solve the problem. A leadership team with an executable digital plan will.

Just freeze.

Are you taking a wait-and-see approach or think embracing the digital renaissance is too expensive? If so, you’re robbing your business of its full potential and allowing your competition to outrun you while you remain frozen.

Which one are you? If you want to have an execution mindset organization, do this.

Get humble.

As a former Silicon Valley executive, I know there are a lot of “next big things” out there. It’s not easy to digest all the sales pitches, testimonials and sometimes nonsense. So, it may be time to humble yourself and realize that although you may be tech savvy, you may not have the experience or capacity to drive the digital transformation for the company on your own.

Get a plan.

There is a shift in how teams work and collaborate and in how empowered and informed customers research and buy. Execution-mindset organizations develop a strategic plan and a technological strategy that is in sync with the company’s goals and objectives, as well as in line with the demands of the marketplace.

Get it right.

You must take an honest assessment of your business to see if you have the tools in place to become a mindset-powered organization.

1. Does your software and technological infrastructure include the following tools?

  • Organizational and project management
  • Data storage 
  • Social media and online marketing 
  • Financial and integrated back end support 
  • Artificial intelligence that drives, enhances and scales your customer’s experience

If you want to successfully drive the future of work for your organization, get humble and seek professional help where needed, then get a digital plan and overall strategy that you can execute, and finally, get it right by empowering your business and teams to become an execution-mindset organization that leads the market toward future work.

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