New reels, hoses and spray rigs

Ensure your crews are ready for applications this season with these new products.

Graham Spray Equipment Compartmented 600-Gallon Unit

The pitch: Treat mixed-turf routes with one truck.

  • This dual system unit features 400-gallon mechanical agitation alongside 200-gallon jet agitation.
  • Allows one rig to service multiple grass types.
  • Dual pumping stations let two techs spray at the same time.

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Hannay Reels 1500 Series

The pitch: The Hannay Series 1500 Series is a lightweight, compact reel designed for long lengths of hose in manual and power rewind.

  • Ideal for lawn care, pest control, pressure washing, agriculture and high-pressure applications.
  • Handles single 3/8-inch through 5/8-inch I.D. hose.
  • Reels can be truck-, trailer- or garage-mounted, on wheels or carried by hand.

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Jacto PJB-16 Battery Powered Sprayer

The pitch: The Jacto PJB-16 sprayer offers up to 8 hours of spraying between charges.

  • Five different pressure settings to allow for precise operation.
  • Venturi agitator to keep material in suspension – especially important for wettable powders.
  • PJB-16 offers 4-gallon capacity. PJB-20 offers 5-gallon capacity.

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Kuri Tec 600 PSI PVC-Reinforced Spray Hoses

The pitch: Kuri Tec Quality spray hoses are made with premium quality PVC compounds in a choice of three colors.

  • They are ideally-suited for lawn and ornamental spray applications using wettable powder chemicals.
  • The ribbed cover reduces drag and increases flexibility.
  • The pin-pricked cover vents vapor and helps prevent ballooning. The hoses are light weight and easily coiled after use.

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