BOSS Snowrator® The Ultimate Sidewalk Solution

Any snow and ice contractor will tell you, managing sidewalks has its own set of challenges. The BOSS Snowrator is a patented, right-size solution designed to make quick work of snow- and ice-covered sidewalks and brings a maneuverable, multitasking, labor-saving solution to your fleet. Snowrator® reduces the need for shovelers, maximizing productivity and efficiency — whether in metro, commercial or residential environments — where clean and clear walking surfaces are always the top priority.

The BOSS Snowrator® saves time by allowing operators to brine, spread and plow at the same time, maximizing on-the-job productivity.

Snowrator® saves on labor, allowing smaller teams to quickly deploy for plowing and deicing surface areas. In fact, one Snowrator® can do the job of multiple shovelers, reducing payroll and maximizing profitability.

Saving money and increasing productivity is just the start. Adding Snowrators to your fleet also means:

  • Fewer headaches recruiting hard-to-find seasonal labor
  • Relying less on unpredictable and unreliable labor options … a Snowrator® won’t call in sick
  • Feeling confident taking on more sidewalk-heavy contracts

But don’t take our word for it, here’s what contractors around the county are saying:

Snowrator® easily replaces 3-4 guys shoveling …

“The Snowrator has been a game-changer for my business. One Snowrator easily replaces three to four guys shoveling, which has made us more efficient and my bottom line more profitable.” — Tom Canete, President/CEO of Canete Landscape and Snow Management

We’ve reduced our salt costs by 30% …

“The time and money saved has been amazing because with one Snowrator, we’ve reduced our salt costs by 30%. Salting, brining, clearing–Snowrator has had a huge impact on our snow and ice business.” — Brian Hominiuk, Vice President of Foegley Landscape

We’ve Saved 40% on Labor Costs …

“The Snowrator is one of the most underrated tools out there–small in stature, but big in impact. By adding Snowrators, we’ve saved 40% on labor costs, while improving quality and consistency of work.” — Rafael Diaz, President of Diaz Group LLC.

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