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What are the most unique benefits of Celsius® XTRA?

Celsius XTRA brings the trusted broadleaf weed control and turf safety of Celsius® WG, now with sedge control. This “all-in-one” solution reduces the number of herbicide bottles needed on trucks and reduces the problems with mixing errors, including poor weed control, turf injury or both.

How does Celsius XTRA help lawn care operators face challenges they see on a daily basis?

Todd Lowe Green Solutions Team Specialist

There are a host of weeds and a variety of different warm-season turfgrasses found on southern lawns. It is difficult to know how to properly identify weeds or turf types and understand which products perform best in each situation. Also, with the high turnover that can occur in today’s labor market, trying to educate new workers as well as making certain that they properly mix products to control each different type of weed can be difficult. Celsius XTRA removes the worry of mixing different herbicides to control weeds on most warm-season lawns.

How does Celsius XTRA compare to other herbicide options on the market?

Celsius XTRA is a very broad-spectrum product, controlling more than 100 lawn weeds! In fact, Celsius XTRA controls nearly twice as many sedges as its closest competitors. In addition to broadleaf weeds and sedges, many of our customers feel that it provides a similar level of grassy weed control as Celsius WG. Some “all-in-one” products still require additional products to provide effective, season-long sedge control, while others can cause unacceptable turf injury.

Is Celsius XTRA particularly effective on any specific problem weeds?

Research from the past several years shows that Celsius XTRA provides excellent sedge and kyllinga control. Many sedges are controlled with just one application, but difficult perennial sedges such as purple and yellow nutsedge require two low-rate applications for season-long control. It also works well on difficult weeds such as dollarweed, chamberbitter, doveweed and Virginia buttonweed.

Can you speak to the turf tolerance of Celsius XTRA?

With the exception of bahiagrass, Celsius XTRA is safe on all major warm-season turfgrasses (St. Augustinegrass, centipedegrass, bermudagrass, zoysiagrass), similar to Celsius WG. Some flashing or growth regulation can occur with most herbicides when temperatures exceed 90º F, which can also occur with Celsius XTRA, but this is generally short-lived.

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