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If there is a word I hear more than “labor” when it comes to this industry, it’s technology. Now that word can mean many things to many people. Everything from software, to drones, to battery-powered equipment, it’s a word with many layers – all layers that people in this industry are increasingly curious about.

A few months ago, we hosted a virtual conference which featured landscapers presenting on how they integrated different technologies into their companies. We had almost 700 people sign up to attend. It was a sign to us that the people in this industry want to learn more about the topic.

Brian Horn, editor, Lawn & Landscape

So, from February 19-21, we’ll host our inaugural Lawn & Landscape Technology Conference in Orlando, Florida. The conference will focus on presentations from green industry professionals about how they have become more efficient by using different technologies.

Whether it’s going paperless, getting buy-in from employees on new software, or converting to an all-electric crew, the conference will give you the opportunity to learn first-hand from landscapers how to make a change.

Maybe you have already invested in a software program but want to learn about it, or you have no clue where to start – you’ll find a home at this conference.

What will be most valuable is the networking that will take place. Like-minded people from the industry will be in one place and have the opportunity to share ideas with each other on a specific topic.

You can meet people from similar-size companies, who aren’t a competitor, and pick each other’s brains on what challenges and solutions you’ve found with products or approaches.

There will also be an exhibit space where you can speak with vendors and learn about what they have available.

We’ll have more details at in the near future.

We are all really excited here at Lawn & Landscape to be able to bring focused education on a topic you want to learn more about.

We hope to see you in Orlando this February. – Brian Horn

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