Every drop counts

The right drip irrigation equipment can lead to more sustainable options for your clients.

Hunter Dripline (HDL)

The pitch: Micro Tough HDL from Hunter Industries provides a productive solution for drip irrigation needs in any environment.  

  • Choose from a variety of styles: HDL-PC for high-efficiency irrigation, HDL-CV for slopes, HDL-R for reclaimed projects, and coming soon, HDL-COP for subsurface installations. 
  • All HDL features convenient, color-coded stripes to clearly indicate different flow options. 
  • All 100-, 250-, 500-, and 1,000-inch coil sizes are stretch-wrapped to facilitate simple installation and clean storage of unused portions.

For more info: Hunterindustries.com

Jain Total CV Emmitterline

The pitch: Total CV by Jain is ideal for any surface or sub-surface drip installations.  

  • Manufactured with 100% DOW virgin plastic, JAIN stands behind Total CV Emitterline lifespan and durability with a 10-year warranty. 
  • Its UV-resistant Hydrodynamic emitter design ensures continuous flushing of sediments and a root barrier prevents roots and debris from entering the line. 
  • Total CV also uses patented Amnon emitter technology that reduces any chance of clogging.

For more info: Jainsusa.com

Rain Bird 1.5-inch Commercial Drip Control Zone Kit

The pitch: Rain Bird’s 1.5-inch inline commercial drip control zone kit features a 15-62 gpm flow rate to cover larger drip zones.  

  • This control zone kit provides contractors and specifiers with an all-in-one solution that delivers convenience and savings. 
  • It decreases installation time and costs by ensuring that all key components are included and properly assembled. 
  • The control zone kit eliminates having to assemble a control zone kit from scratch and improves reliability, convenience and savings.

For more info: Rainbird.com

Toro 17MM Drip In Brown Dripline

The pitch: Now available in industry-standard 17mm size, Drip-in Subsurface Dripline works with most fittings and is compatible with most other dripline and hose.  

  • System expansions, retrofits and installation using a dripline that sets the bar for reliable performance and consistent flow just got easier. 
  • The dripline works with most standard-size barb fittings and is compatible with other dripline and hose for retrofits and expansions. 
  • Fully pressure-compensating from 15-60 psi with uniform, precise emitter discharge rates with low variability.

For more info: Toro.com/irrigation

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