Excitement toward new technology

We are living in exciting times.

This is a time when references to self-driving cars are made in the present tense, smart homes automatically unlock front doors as we make our way into the driveway and our smartphones are some of the most powerful computing devices the world has seen. This is a time of on-demand access to information at the click of a button or a swipe of a touchscreen. According to analyst firm, Gartner, across the globe there were nearly 8.4 billion devices connected to the internet as of 2017, and this number is forecasted to grow to over 20.4 billion devices by 2021. This growth and the capabilities this growth brings will be seen across all industries, including our own – the landscape industry.

The Toro Company is excited to be a part of this current wave and is focused on leading with innovative products that will help your business, and our shared industry, see growth into the future. Founded in 1914 as The Toro Motor Company, Toro’s growth and success over the last 104 years has been founded in listening to the always evolving needs of the professional contractor and groundskeeper, and delivering products and services that meet those needs. We’ve seen the state of technology change many times throughout our history, but this is possibly as exciting a time from the standpoint of technology the world has ever seen. Our engineers and Toro’s Center for Advanced Turf Technology (CATT) team dedicate countless hours to research and development to identify products and technologies that present better efficiencies, more productivity and opportunities for integration with systems and tools that you are using in your day-to-day operations.

Wireless water-saving products, control of irrigation or outdoor lighting from a mobile or home connected device and thermal mapping and analytics systems that detect anomalies in turf before they are visually apparent are all examples of products and services made available through progress in technology. Twenty years ago none of these would have been feasible. This is what we refer to as “The Internet of Turf”.

The growth and success of Toro’s business is dependent on the growth and success of your business. We are proud to be viewed as a leader in innovation within our industry but are as proud of the partnerships that we share with you, our customers, across the country and around the globe. We are eager to see the growing role that technology will play in our industry and how it will help us all, as landscape industry professionals, work smarter, be more productive and enrich the lives and the land around us all. Both now and in the future.

Dan Winterton, Director of Marketing, Toro Irrigation & Lighting

April 2018
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