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The latest GPS products can help get your crews to jobsites on time.


The pitch: Boost productivity, improve safety and get real-time insights with Azuga fleet management software.

  • Reduce fuel consumption by cutting idle time and correcting driver behavior while increasing productivity with asset tracking and hours of service reporting
  • Increase safety with driver behavior monitoring, inspection logging and maintenance scheduling
  • Reduce downtime with preventative maintenance scheduling and vehicle diagnostics monitoring

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GPS Insight- Field Service Management

The pitch: GPS Insight field service management software supports your business’s daily workflow while eliminating paper, automating processes, connecting your crews to the office and ensuring a smooth customer journey.

  • Dispatchers and team managers can see their crew’s schedules at a glance with a customizable calendar view and dynamic dispatching
  • Work order management allows you to create, view and manage what needs to be done at each job
  • Combine field service management and GPS tracking for complete visibility into your daily operations

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Juniper Systems Geode GNS2 Sub-meter

The pitch: This new release of the Geode now features connectivity with a range of iPhone and iPad devices providing users with an even more versatile and powerful tool. This is made possible by the Geode’s new MFi certification. MFi stands for Made For iPhone, iPad.

  • The Geode GNS2 retains all the features and connectivity of the original Geode while adding this support for iPhone and iPad
  • The Geode is an all-in-one sub-meter receiver that provides users with real-time, precision GNSS data
  • Designed with versatility in mind, it features one-button simplicity and can be used with any of Juniper Systems’ handhelds, as well as a wide range of Windows, Windows Mobile, Android and now iPhone and iPad devices – a feature used particularly for bring-your-own-device workplaces

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Lytx Fleet Tracking

The pitch: Optimize fleet productivity and respond quickly to meet customer needs with Lytx Fleet Tracking Service, enhanced with video.

  •  Manage and track assets in the field with integrated video
  •  Get full visibility by reviewing full trip replays and access vehicle location to help route, dispatch and improve customer response time
  •  Locate, track and manage your vehicles with the context of video to confirm service delivery, understand unauthorized use of vehicles and equipment, evaluate fuel economy and keep on top of vehicle maintenance

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RouteSavvy GPS Fleet Tracker

The pitch: RouteSavvy GPS Fleet Tracker is innovative, affordable GPS tracking by using a smartphone.

  •  Compare planned routes vs actual and you can turn GPS tracking on or off for user privacy
  •  GPS optimizations for reduced battery consumption and ability to filter GPS activity by type: driving, walking, biking
  •  Costs around $4 per driver/month and has Android and iOS native apps for GPS tracking

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WorkWave Route Manager

The pitch: WorkWave Route Manager’s new user interface that combines the power of route planning and GPS tracking all into one screen.

  •  Gain real-time insight on-demand with Navigo: Navigo is WorkWave Route Manager’s new menu tool that holds all information in one place, on one screen, and allows users to replan as they see fit
  •  Users can extract the map and drag to a second screen to make better use of the interface while working across multiple screens
  •  Users can also create a personal view to manage daily deliveries – including the ability to show, hide and reduce orders or routes from view, as well as color-code specific regions

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